Owls of the World

Owl Nomenclature is constantly changing due to re-classification - we cannot be held responsible for any errors!!

ASIO - Eared Owl
Asio Clamator - Striped Owl
Asio Otos - Long-Eared Owl
Asio Stygius - Stygian Owl
Asio Abyssinicus - Abyssinian  Long-Eared Owl
Asio Madagascarien Asis - Madagascar Long-Eared Owl
Asio Flammeus - Short-Eared Owl
Asio Capensis - African Marsh Owl
AEGOLIUS - Forest Owls
Aegolius Acadius - Northern Saw-Whet Owl
Aegolius Ridgwayi - Saw-Whet Owl (no spots)
Aegolius Harrisii - Buff-Fronted Owl
Aeogolius Funereus - Boreal Owl, Tengmalm's Owl
ATHENE-Small  Owl
Athene Noctua - Little Owl
Athene Brama - Spotted Owlet,
Athene Blewitti - Forest Spotted Owlet
Athene Cunicularia - Burrowing Owl
BUBO-Eagle Owl
Bubo Virginianus - Great-Horned Owl
Bubo Bubo - Eagle Owl
Bubo Africanus - Spotted Eagle Owl, African Eagle Owl
Bubo Capensis - Cape Eagle Owl
Bubo Lacteus - Verreaux's Eagle Owl, Milky Eagle Owl
Bubo Poensis - Fraser's Eagle Owl
Bubo Leucostictus - Sooty Eagle Owl, Akun Eagle Owl
Bubo Shelleyi - Shelley's Eagle Owl
Bubo Ascalaphus - Desert Eagle Owl, Pharaoh Eagle Owl
Bubo Sumatrana - Bared Eagle Owl, Malay Eagle Owl
Bubo Phillippensis - Phillippine Eagle Owl
Bubo Nipalensis - Forest Eagle Owl, Spotted Bellied Eagle Owl
Bubo Coromandus - Dusky Eagle Owl
Bubo Bengalensis - Indian Eagle Owl, Bengal Eagle Owl
Bubo Scandiaca - Snowy Owl

Ciccaba Virgata - Mottled Owl
Ciccaba Nigrolineata - Black And White Owl
Ciccaba Huhula - Black-Banded Owl
Ciccaba Albitarsus - Rufous-Banded Owl
Ciccaba Woodfordii - African Wood Owl
Glaucidium Brasilianum - Ferruginous Pygmy Owl
Glaucidium Gnoma - Northern Pygmy Owl, Mountain Pygmy Owl
Glauscidium Minutissimum - Least Pygmy Owl
Glaucidium Jardinii - Andean Pygmy Owl
Glaucidium Passerinum - Eurasian Pygmy Owl
Glaucidium Siju - Cuban Pygmy Owl
Glaucidium Tephronotum - Red-Chested Owlet
Glaucidium Sjostedti - Chestnut-Backed Owlet, Splendid Owlet
Glaucidium Radiatum - Jungle Owlet
Glaucidium Perlatum - Pearl-Spotted Owlet
Glaucidium Capense - Barred Owl
Glaucidium Brodiei - Collared Pygmy Owl, Collared Owlet
Glaucidium Cuculoides - Cuckoo Owlet, Asian Barred Owlet
Glaucidium Castanopterum - Chestnut Winged Owlet,
Spadiced Owlet
Glaucidium Albertinum - Albertine Owlet, Prigogine's Owlet
Gymnoglaux Lawrencii - Bare-Legged Owl, Cuban Screech
Jubula Lettii - Maned Owl
KETUPA - Fish Owls
Ketupa Ketupa - Malay Fish Owl, Buffy Fish Owl
Ketupa Zeylonensis - Brown Fish Owl
Ketupa Flavipes - Tawny Fish Owl
Ketupa Blakistoni - Blakiston's Fish Owl
Lophostrix Cristata - Crested Owl
Micrathene Whitneyi - Elf Owl
Mimizuku Gurneyi - Giant Scops Owl
Nesasio Solomonensis - Fearful Owl
Phodilus Badius - Asian Bay Owl
Phodilus Prigoginei - Congo Bay Owl
Pulsatrix Perspicillata - Spectacled Owl
Pulsatrix Melanota - Band-Bellied Owl, Rusty-Barred Owl
Pulsatrix Koeniswaldiana - Tawny-Browed Owl,White Chinned Owl
Pseudoscops Grammicus - Jamaican Owl
Sceloglaux Albifacies - Laughing Owl, White-faced Owl
SCOTOPELIA - Fishing Owls
Scotopelia Bouvieri - Vermiculated Fishing Owl
Scotopelia Peli - Pel's Fishing Owl
Scotopelia Ussheri - Rufous Fishing Owl
Surnia Ulula  - Northern Hawk Owl
STRIX - Wood Owls
Strix Varia - Barred Owl
Strix Hylophila - Brazilian Owl, Rusty-Barred Owl
Strix Rufipes - Rufous-Legged Owl
Strix Occidentalis - Spotted Owl
Strix Nebulosa - Great Gray Owl, Lapland Owl, Lapp Owl
Strix Aluco - Eurasian Tawny Owl
Strix Uralensis - Ural Owl
Strix Davidi - David's Wood Owl
Strix Butleri - Hume's Tawny Owl
Strix Leptogrammica - Brown Wood Owl
Strix Ocellata - Mottled Wood Owl
Strix Seloputo - Spotted Wood Owl
Strix Fulvescens - Fulvous Owl, Guatemala Barred Owl

NINOX - Southern Hawk Owls
Ninox Connivens - Barking Owl, Winking Owl
Ninox Novaeseelandiae - Boobook Owl, Spotted Hawk Owl
Ninox Strenua - Powerful Owl, Great Hawk Owl
Ninox Rufa - Rufous Owl
Ninox Odiosa - New Britain Hawk Owl
Ninox Meeki - Admiralty Islands Hawk Owl
Ninox Punctulata - Speckled Hawk Owl
Ninox Squampilia - Moluccan Hawk Owl, Indonesian Hawk Owl
Ninox Theomacha - Sooty-Backed Hawk Owl, Jungle Hawk Owl,Chesnut Hawk Owl,Brown Owl
lNinox Jacquinota - Solomon Islands Hawk Owl,
Ninox Solomonis - New Ireland Hawk Owl
Ninox Perversa - Ochre-Bellied Hawk Owl (Ninox Ochracea)
Ninox Scutulata - Oriental Hawk Owl, Brown Hawk Owl
Ninox Affinis - Andaman Hawk Owl
Ninox Phillippensis - Phillippine Hawk Owl
Ninox Superciliaris - Madagascar Hawk
Owl,White-Browned Hawk  Owl
Ninox Natalis - Christmas Island Hawk Owl
Ninox Variegata - Bismarck Hawk Owl
OTUS - Screech& Scops Owls
Otus Asio - Eastern Screech Owl
Otus Kennicottii - Western Screech Owl
Otus Choliba - Tropical Screech Owl
Otus Watsonii - Tawny-Bellied Screech Owl
Otus Albogularis - White-Throated Screech Owl
Otus Atricapillus - Black-Capped Screech Owl
Otus Guatemalae  - Vermiculated Screech Owl
Otus Trichopsis - Whiskered Screech Owl, Spotted Screech Owl
Otus Cooperi - Pacific Screech Owl
Otus Barbarus - Bearded Screech Owl, Bridled Screech Owl
Otus Roboratus - Dark-Crowned Screech Owl, Peruvian Screech Owl
Otus Nudipes - Puerto Rican Screech Owl
Otus Clarkii - Bare-Shanked Screech Owl
Otus Ingens - Rufescent Screech Owl
Otus Seductus - Balsas Screech Owl
Otus Sanctaecatarina - Long-Tufted Screech Owl
Otus Koepckeae - Maria Koepcke's Screech Owl
Otus Marshalli - Cloud Forest Screech Owl
Otus Colombianus - Colombian Screech Owl
Otus Atricapillus - Black-Capped Screech Owl
Otus Petersoni - Cinnamon Screech Owl
Otus Flammeolus - Flammulated Owl
Otus Scops - Common Scops Owl, Eurasian Scops Owl
Otus Bakkamoena - Collared Scops Owl
Otus Spilocephalus - Spotted Scops Owl
Otus Balli - Andaman Scops Owl
Otus Sagittatus - White-fronted Scops Owl
Otus Rufescens - Reddish Scops Owl, Rufous Scops Owl
Otus Beccarii - Biak Island Scops Owl
Otus Alfredi - Flores Scops Owl
Otus Brookii - Rajah's Scops Owl
Otus Manadensis - Celebes Scops Owl
Otus Silvicola - Lesser Sunda Scops Owl, Wallace's Scops Owl
Otus Umbra - Mentaur Scops Owl, Simeulue
Scops Owl
Otus Icterorhynchus - Cinnamon Scops Owl, Sandy Scops Owl
Otus Rutilus - Madagascar Scops Owl, Malagasy Scops Owl
Otus Leucotis - White-faced Scops Owl
Otus Irenae - Sokoke Scops Owl
Otus Spilocephalus - Mountain Scops Owl
Otus Longicornis - Luzon Scops Owl
Otus Mindorensis - Mindoro Scops Owl
Otus Mirus - Mindanao Scops Owl
Otus Angelinae - Javan Scops Owl
Otus Hartlaubi - Sao Thomé Scops Owl
Otus Brucei - Pallid Scops Owl, Striated Scops Owl
Otus Senegalensis - African Scops Owl
Otus Sunia - Oriental Scops Owl
Otus Elegans - Ryukyu Scops Owl
Otus Mantananensis - Mantanani Scops Owl
Otus Magicus - Moluccan Scops Owl, Magic Scops Owl
Otus Megalotis - Philipine Scops Owl,
Whitehead's Scops Owl
Otus Fuliginosus - Palawan Scops Owl
Otus Mentawi - Mentawai Scops Owl
Otus Podarginus - Palau Scops Owl
Otus Enganensis - Enggano Scops Owl
Otus Pauliani - Grand Comoro Scops Owls
Otus Insularis - Seychelles Scops Owl, Bare-Legged Scops Owl
Tyto Alba - Barn Owl
Tyto Novaehollandiae - Masked Owl
Tyto Sororcula - Lesser Masked Owl
Tyto Soumagnei - Soumagnes Grass Owl, Madagascar Grass Owl
Tyto Tenebricosa - Sooty Owl
Tyto Multipunctata - Lesser Sooty Owl
Tyto inexspectata - Minahassa Barn Owl
Tyto Aurantia - New Britain Barn Owl
Tyto Longimembris - Eastern Grass Owl
Tyto Capensis - Common Grass Owl
Tyto Glaucops - Ashy Faced Barn Owl, Hispaniolan Barn Owl
Tyto Nigrobrunnea - Sula Island Masked Owl
Tyto Rosenbergii - Celebes Barn Owl
Uroglaux Dimorpha - New Guinea Hawk Owl, Papuan 
Hawk Owl
Xenoglaux Loweryi - Long-whiskered Owlet




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